Seeing Double

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So it’s happened, fashion has done a total 360 and reverted back to the latter half of the 80s. We’ll all soon be dressed like that of Run DMC and kicking in walls with our matching Kangol hats.

A few weeks ago, because admittedly I’ve been on an online hiatus, the Kardashian clan revealed the latest in a line of Adidas trainers. Which look unmistakably like that of the Reebok classics I wore to death at P.E. in high school a million years ago. The internet – from what I understand – went into a frenzy because of the passing resemblance and truthfully, I see their blight. It’s pretty much exactly the same shoe… entirely.

The yet-to-be released trainers are a part of Kanye’s upcoming line ‘Calabasas Powerhouse’, which I assume was aptly named after their hometown in California. The cheapest shoes in the Adidas X Kanye collection retailing at $120, have already been worn by Kendall and Kim, but I’ve a feeling it’s totally okay to delve into fashions past and wear my dusty, 10-year-aged Reebok classics and call it a day.

Safe for making this re-run a possibility Yeezy.

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(Artwork via @thepoopculture)