Are Snapchat Profiting From Our Insecurities?

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I know I am not alone when I say, the only reason I have Snapchat is for the filters. Am I right? With all of these face retouching filters, it’s so easy to get lost in the Snapchat filter sauce, so to speak. Taken a selfie? Not liking how your face is looking? No problem, take it again and this time slap a filter on, bet you like your selfie now aye?

The pre-selfie era was amazing. No one really spent time editing their images and the only people that knew about lighting, angles and editing apps were the photographers. These were great times people! But today, we live in a society that seems to have become so obsessed with this idea of creating the perfect selfie. Even if it means we need to take a photo with a digital floral crown resting on our heads.

It’s almost as though Snapchat came along and said, “hey, if girls are willing to use our app for photo retouching purposes, let’s continue to give them a salt bae sprinkle of photo retouching with our filters. That’ll keep them hooked!” This probably isn’t how it actually happened, but I’m sure you get my point. True this may not speak for all of us, but for many women, we seem to have become so obsessed with editing away our imperfections. And because of this obsession, Snapchat are pretty much capitalising from our addiction to those quirky filters.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I love a good Snapchat filter. Often I just want to have a floral crown following my every movement, and sometimes I want to imagine how I would like as a loaf of bread. On that note Snapchat officials, if you’re reading this, the bread filter was a bad idea and while you’re here, I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re going to need that gold crown filter back…

But on a serious note, I think what attracts most of us to using Snapchat filters is how they miraculously erase all our imperfections in seconds. Yes I am talking to you pink floral filter that magically retouches all of my blemishes. Some of these filters have the ability to contour our noses, define our facial features and instantly hide our spots. Buzzfeed Beauty Writer and a quarter of The Receipts podcast team, Tolly T suggested that by using Snapchat filters some of us have become obsessed with the edited versions of ourselves, instead of admiring what we look like pre-Snapchat filter.

Face looks too fat? Slap on a filter

Skin tone uneven? Slap on a filter.

Nose looking a little wide? You guessed it, slap on a filter!

But what happens when the filters are turned off and you’re left staring at yourself with all your “imperfections”? It’s all fun and games using Snapchat filters and in no way am I trying to get you all to #CancelSnapchatFilters, but just remember to love the unedited version of you, the one who doesn’t come with a floral crown!

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