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One of the many beautiful things about fashion, is that cringe trends from 10 or so years ago frequently make a return, usually on the feet of the fabulous and the famous.

Granny shoes, miniature heels – and although we once cringed at the thought – kitten heels have all made a necessary comeback from the depths of fashions past. This time around however in the form of ‘it’s-okay-to-be-dressed-like-a-60-year-old’ styles. For so long I’d wished, hoped and prayed for the strength to fashion comfortable heeled footwear, at a reasonable height. A thought which seems well, damn near impossible. Thus far I’d avoided heels entirely for fear of ridicule from on looking fashionista’s, but it seems the fashion gods have finally accepted my completely rational request.

In truth, I first spotted – and instantly fell in love with – the growing trend, when sported by Solange and her clan, in the aesthetically pleasing ‘A Seat at The Table’ videos. I knew almost immediately that it was completely okay to wear comfortable footwear again and look damn good doing so. I mean, if Solange is doing it, it’s probably pretty fucking cool. After undergoing a millennial makeover, the undisputed ‘granny shoe’ hath returned and are now all the more stylish for it.

Although a number of brands have given the trend a go – Zara included – one brand in particular seems to have the strongest gravitational pull on us at AW and that is, Loq shoes.

Designed in LA and made in Spain, Loq shoes hold the charm of both aesthetics. Having perfectly mastered the heel to style ratio, the chic brand offers a range of beautifully crafted suede and leather footwear in the form of open toe, backless slippers and your run of the mill block heel. Needless to say, Loq shoes are tres instagrammable, vintage lovers and feelers of the overall 70s aesthetic beware and be warned. Albeit a little out of my price pocket, ranging from $325 to $375, I can’t help but admit to relentlessly stalking their range until 1. my eyes bleed and 2. I can warrant parting with x amount of money, for the love of fashun.

So how did I find them I hear you ask? Well, I discovered the brand on a late night Instagram trawl. You know the type, aimlessly scrolling, tapping and liking anything that catches the eye. True, that night I was being a little slutty with my choice of double tap, and if you were to scroll back through the barrage of likes, you’re likely to find not only the shoes, but also the women wearing them in their fancy white-out backgrounds. But of course that’s totally warranted because, shoes.

If for whatever reason you haven’t yet heard of the luxury brand sported by bloggers across the globe, we’ve selected some of our favourite looks live and direct from the millenniums online fashion bible, Instagram. Double tap your sorrows away.

SS17 Blanco ⚪️

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ALMANSA in Cartagena, Colombia 🌴 📷 @cchetto

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💙 Vía @avenueboutiquetucson

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ALMANSA 〰 Petrol Suede

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RP vía @jnnfrgrmm 🍊 VILLA Verde

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