Looks To Try: The Mystical Powers Of The High Cut

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It’s that time of the year again, with everyone gearing up for their enviable summer breaks. Our suitcases are open and ready to devour those miniature toiletry bottles, a bottle of sunscreen older than Kylie Jenner and a carefully selected holiday book. I mean, the book won’t actually be read, but what is a holiday without a holiday book, eh?

The short shorts are in, the maxi evening dresses are definitely in, but what’s missing? You rummage to the back of your wardrobe not to find Narnia but in search of your old bikinis. The likes of which are more than likely speckled with dust, since the last time you got to wear one a million odd years ago.

Ah, now it feels like I’m actually going on holiday. Bringing back memories of family holidays, girls only trips, romantic getaways and school holidays. With those old swimming costumes comes a certain carefree vibe and warmth, as you reminisce about 30 plus degree weather and how hot you looked in that dusky pink bikini, all those summers ago.

( this is one of my favoutite pic of her ☺💓)

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But this isn’t 2007 and your holiday photos go beyond simply showing your Gran over Sunday dinner. Instead, it’ll be seen by all your friends and followers and let’s be frank, that’s damn important. If you’re going to be showcasing your hotel room, hot dog legs and al fresco lunches on the ‘gram – you’re going to need an obligatory bikini post. OK, well, you don’t have to. That would be pretty horrible if we were forced into posting photos or else be banished from all social media sites that accept images of ourselves. So, every social media site. No no, that sounds far too much like a Black Mirror episode.

After months of working tirelessly on the optimum weight perfect for you, too many squats and salad dinners, it’d almost be wrong to let your ‘bikini bod’ suffer under a big white tee the entire time. We know a cheeky bikini snap won’t break the internet, so think of it’ll as the photo you’ll show your grandkids when they ask what you looked like in your twenties. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come back to a usually dull and dreary office and have your co-workers still raving about how utterly uh-mazing your holiday looked. Soaking up all the compliments on how uh-unbelievable YOU looked in your (tanned skin) holiday snaps?

We’ve agreed that you’ve got it, so when will you flaunt it? Because that old swimming costume simply won’t do. What is the ultimate swimwear piece to frolic down the white sands in? Well, it’s time to talk about thigh high cut bikini bottoms. Will you, or won’t you?

Raise your hand if you’ve seen more than a dozen girls on Instagram balancing on their invisible stilettos, one hand on their hip and wearing the most revealing bikini bottom known to man.

That kinda day 🕊❤️

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My first thought when I saw one of the Hadid sisters sporting this summers must have, was, “she must have gone through a serious waxing session.” Because honestly, everything is on display. Gone are the days of actually swimming in those costumes. Remember when we were told what style would suit our behinds to make them look peachy? Whether it be hipster, boy short or thong. However, the high cut structure does not create such an illusion, instead, it shows everything you have to offer.

While one side of me says, “Well, why the hell not,” the other questions whether I could pull off such an item. As a body positive feminist, I feel we should be able to show the world that we have a vagina in between our chunky thighs. Our gorgeous tiger-like stretch marks simply highlight our feline powers. But the question remains, am I brave enough?

I’m all in for embracing different eras and infusing those styles into our millennium fashion ideals. After all, newer trends constantly recycle the 80s, with shoulder pads itching to make a bold comeback. Disclaimer: this may or may not have been sparked by THAT photo of Gemma Collins, just saying. Mirrored sunglasses are a holiday must and sequins are a bargain hunter’s best friend. Who else tried to pull off wearing leg warmers outside of the ballet class? I know for a fact it wasn’t just I.


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As a pattern, thigh-high cut bottoms needed to reappear. We weren’t around and gyrating in the 80s, therefore, we want to get into the groove in 2017 and thus, thigh-high cuts had to be reborn.

You’re probably wondering if I’ve bought a pair. I haven’t. Well, not yet. I am, however, very tempted to purchase my own pair because I haven’t seen anyone wear them badly. They elongate your legs, draw in your waist and make women look so powerful and stunning. I googled what type of body shape suits high cuts, and admiringly many sites proclaimed… ALL TYPES. Wow – maybe this is the first time I’ve witnessed a female magazine not comparing women to one another. For once, these women’s magazines aren’t profiting off of our insecurities and making us feel guilty that we’re the wrong size, unable to wear this or that. Could this be the most empowering item of clothing of 2017?

It’s liberating to see women feel so free and sexy in their own skin. At first, I was a bit offended to see so much, but now I’ve acknowledged, we don’t need to cover up anymore. I don’t want to compare, but most men are able to show off their chests and parade their ‘junk in the front’ without a care. While women feel so terribly self-conscious wearing a bikini that shows off their midriff, non-symmetrical boobs and gosh, we may even opt for a sarong to cover up those thighs. But those rules are tired and with so many articles on “Swimwear to Suit Your Shape,” it’s well, exhausting.

luckily my lover is a photographer

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Before I purchase my own super sexy thigh high undies, I’m gathering the courage – and booking a wax appointment – in order to wear them. A bold look and sexy on absolutely everyone, which is a major plus. I will refrain from blushing because it’s unreal to see how much confidence women are obtaining.

So, the question is, will you be purchasing a pair to complete your summer holiday must-haves? We’ve given you more than enough reasons to say yes, courtesy of Instagram…

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