Looks To Try: When You Broke But You Fancy, The IKEA Trend

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Ah fashion, how often you woe us with your intricate details, pop colours and flamboyant choices we would have otherwise avoided (profusely).

Admittedly, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to scroll through Instagram without taking notice of the barrage of IKEA inspired garments on offer. Now, I’m not entirely sure if IKEA stores exist outside of Europe, but up until this point, I’d always thought of the superstore as a hub for interior design and great (yet, cheap) food only. To many of us, IKEA is the greatest day trip known to man and frankly, we all spend more money than we would’ve cared to inside the Homestore. Let’s be frank, we only ever step in IKEA for a few thousand tea lights and five or six hot dogs per person.

Hard to ignore, IKEA has since become more than just cheap and easy to assemble furniture. In fact, the interior store is now a fashion statement would you believe? If you so happen to have a cheap IKEA hold-all, do not, by all means, throw it out because that’d be a crime against fashion. No really, although previously it may have been a subject of trolling on the internet, the fad has since caught on and is well… kind of bitching. From Balenciaga bags to “ikeezys” – which if you didn’t know, were IKEA x Yeezy trainers, seriously – the store has become a fashion phenomenon and I hate myself for being so into it.

Though we’re grossly aware that Balenciaga wasn’t the first to cotton on to transforming low rent brands into high fashion, for of course, that we have Vetements to thank for their couture DHL collections. Prompting many to simply persuading your local DHL delivery guy to sell his tee to you instead of purchasing one for a mere $400.

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However, back to the fashion statement at hand, the IKEA trend. Though I’m not quite the dab hand at fashioning old garments into hip new items, it seems to have to swept the Insta-nation with a number of people creating fabu everyday style pieces. From bags to belts and trendy sandals, it’s pretty hard not to fall head over heels for the affordable new trend. What’s more appealing nonetheless, is the, of course, the fact that IKEA bags from the store are a mere 5op. Are you with me here? Once again fast fashion, you win. Take a look at some of our fave looks from possibly the most inventive, and innovative trend of 2017. IKEA, you can do no wrong.

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