The Ultimate BS: Balenciaga Scrunchie

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Don’t get your top knot in a twist with this one.

This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. We advise all readers to take a deep breath before they continue… because this one may shock audiences.

We’re all aware of Balenciaga right? I mean, it’s only the pinnacle of high-end fashion. The luxe house that never fails to flood us with style envy as we flick through the pages of Vogue. All the while gritting our teeth at the price tags and PRAYING for a far more affordable replica.

Well, they’ve only gone and done it again, we’ve been sucked in. Once again the label has us envious of our nineties selves and keen to revive our Spice Girl tribute bands. Ladies, let us introduce to you the £145 Scrunchie by Balenciaga. Yes, you are reading correctly. That is £145. For. One. Single…SCRUNCHIE! So, is it the crème de la crème of all hair ties, we hear you ask, or simply one too many pulls on what’s left of our purse strings? We’ll let you decide.

Women Resort 18 Available in-store and online November 15th.

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While it’s certainly a far cry away from the scrunchies we used to know, we can’t help but be intrigued. Let us circle way back to the nineties, when Claire’s Accessories was our absolute go to and if it wasn’t under a fiver, we weren’t interested. But our nineties obsession wouldn’t dare brave the shelves alone. No no, we were reminded that in order to pull off the look, we needed actual scrunchie sets. It was always difficult to choose between the multi-glitter loops or three shades of the same grey, but we did and totally loved it. Does Balenciaga expect us to apply this same gusto to their take on the nineties staple?

Furthermore, will we even be able to admire the Balenciaga scrunchie in the same way? Your finest leather and embossed house trademark logos are fancy and we do admire your forest green and baby blue hues, but we fear we’ll be all too terrified to walk out of the house with a hair tie that costs more than our OOTD’s. It seems you are the realest trademark accessory, taking centre stage on the runway, but we still aren’t sure if that’s enough to sway us into the French fashion house by way of a scrunchie.

Women Resort 18 Available in-store and online November 15th.

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Of course, we did the math – you know to help get our heads around this whole spiel – and it turns out this Balenciaga edition of a scrunchie is 29 times more expensive than our trusty multi packs. That’s equivalent to a city break to Italy! You could even indulge in brekkie at the four-star Biasutti in Venice for the price same price. The math is simple, we’re just not buying it.

So, by now you’re loving or you’re loathing the idea of this designer staple, but either way, the Balenciaga show go on because not only are they being sold as a hair accessory but Balenciaga have even convinced us that they count as bracelets too! This right here is a multi-purpose scrunchie with individuals actually purchasing more than one to create the ultimate rainbow wrist stack.

We have to admit, we admire the extravagance, but what about those rare moments where you get your hair caught doing space buns? Or the far more plausible, when your bestie asks to lend a hair tie? Would we really be reaching for our Balenciaga or rather booking a mini break to Rome?

We know what we will be doing…

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