Thigh High Uggs & The Reign Of (Ugg)ly Fashions

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While we’re constantly on the hunt for the ‘next best trend,’ it bears thinking about the forces at be shoving vile yet (somehow) great styles down our throats. I’m talking comfortable diamante crocs, designer leather scrunchies and worst of all, the thigh-high UGG boot. 

Though the style was debuted a few months prior, I can’t seem to get it out of my nightmares or rather, my dreams. In fact, I remain incredibly convicted. I tend to talk a lot about ugly fashions and their willingness to creep into my life and take over, in the hopes that someone somewhere will nod along and say, “wtf same.” So of course, this style is no different.

Debuted during Paris Fashion Week Men’s, Y/Project took the already unsightly shoe to new extremes. Somewhat on trend – what with every Sue and Sally rocking the thigh high boot at large – it was an admirable try from the fashion haus. And given that I’ve been unwittingly dragged in still talking about it a month later, I guess Y Project sort of really won. I couldn’t help but wonder, was I into the thigh-high UGG?

Now, my real reason for being utterly conflicted is that I live for the oversized and fashions that aim to keep me warm, all the while making me look somewhat presentable. Emphasis on the somewhat. My conflict stems from the idea that my body doesn’t yet know whether to loathe these boots – as they’re not the most sightly of styles – or love them as they look cosy as fuck. Admittedly I’m always (no, always) here for the oversized and the overkill of men’s clothing because without it, I’d likely be dressed head to toe in Miss Pap’s signature spandex pant, and matching bandeau top. Though of course, I often envy females who can pull off tightly wound clothing. I for one cannot and as such, I’m routinely forced to wear things that purposely look as though they don’t fit. It’s likely you’re now thinking, “okay, but where is this headed,” and though my long winding explanation may feel like it’s dragging you down a dwindling path of nothingness, I do have a point.

You see, what Y Project has cleverly done, is create oversized and exaggerated silhouettes – which as my previous monologue-like paragraph would have you believe – is exactly what I’m into. While my reluctance may remain of slight, I can’t help but feel a wee bit intrigued as to how a replica of the boot might be made for those of us on a strict cannot-afford-designer budget. Sure the demand will surely be high and soon enough Rihanna will wear a pair making us all the more keen to give it a go, but will Primark come out with a suitably priced version marked the ‘FUGG boot’ as opposed to the ‘THUGG boot’? I can’t help but be a little taken in by the idea of my entire thighs – and subsequently the rest of my body – being warmed by the fleece of a THUGG boot. I mean, in all fairness it’s comforting to know that at least one fashion house is interested in keeping its customers warm and comfortable in the same breath.

Which brings me to my next point. How, no HOW are we so are we so taken in by styles deemed hideous at first glance? Take the Balenciaga Croc for example. Though we all seemingly mocked the shoe for one, being a croc and two, being a platform croc, it reportedly sold out before its actual release. That’s £600 on pre-order to look like a Barbie doll. Once deemed a ‘dad sandal,’ could anyone have predicted that the shoe would make a complete 360 and become a Summer 2018 staple? Even as I type this I’m cringed as I wouldn’t be totally opposed to wearing them. You know, if everyone else was doing it. This probably contributes to the whole individuality complex, what with everyone online appearing as clones of one another and therein lies my problem. 

Being that I’m a sucker for regurgitated styles. What with Ghana Must Go bags for resale for 30x the price at designer houses and every semi-affordable brand being made into high fashion, I often feel a wee bit cheated. But I fall for it nonetheless. Most recently trading in my £3.99 bumbag for a faux Gucci one at a significantly higher price, was an all new low. I fell victim to the fashion and media hype. Taken in by the mass populations favourite and unfortunately, regret nothing.

So, what have we learnt from this pointless retort about clothes and shoes? Say it with me uglier, the better. The more ridiculous, the more sales. Perhaps it’s time to reboot your most hideous fashion pasts and relive them, for 2018 is the time.

Well, I guess, by all accounts, I went in saying, ‘no for the love of God no,’ I’ve been sucked into the marketing ploy.

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(Artwork via @thepoopculture)