This Year Wasn’t So Bad, Was It?

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2017 was supposed to be our year, the year we worked hard enough that our dreams rooted from the ground a spearheaded into reality, but instead many of us were left ‘realising stuff’ and hating those realisations… hard.

With the year over in the blink of an eye, we’re left to wonder why it was that this year was so damn terrible, minor highlights aside – and yes that is a direct pun to Rihanna’s Killawatt highlighters, which changed the course of time. The year looked promising, we were all set to leave the L’s behind us in 2016 and move forward to a far more promising future, but it wasn’t to be so. Soon enough the year began to crumble beneath our feet, terrifying us to our core. Though we all secretly knew the year was doomed when it started out with Trump’s inauguration. I mean what a crappy way to start aye?

With things already off to a rocky start, the world panicked. We now had a leader of the free world who failed even to reel in his incessant Twitter rants during his presidency. However, living in England had its perks. Unlike the US, we were void of incompetent political leaders, right? We were immune to the ‘stupid’ ruling Britain… we were safe. Wrong. With our own political problems, and I shall fast-track six months forward, we were granted with a Snap Election, a ‘get out of jail,’ free card if you will. But Britain refused to take it, instead, we split as a nation and decided (reluctantly) that our ruling leader should remain Theresa May. Whom Stormzy poetically called a wasteman. The nation wept and we each held hands, swayed and sang “all I wanna say is that, they don’t really care about us” in unison. Another L bites the dust.

With devastating hurricanes terrorising the Caribbean and the US – even after Trump assured us that global warming “wasn’t a thing” – a number of bombings/shootings across the world and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, it seemed as though the year was one only for devastation. We frequently lost hope and succumbed to Mercury’s retrograde.

But with all the political hoopla and natural disasters, came a flood of good news right? Okay, well not a flood, but faint trickles. For one thing, Cardi B’s rise to fame was a booster for us all, proving that the underdog can eventually make it in the end. Releasing the ultimate club bop of 2017, Cardi reminded us all that we are in fact Bad Bitches and needed to be addressed as such. With strength against the retrograde, we did have a few other wins. We marched for a number of injustices, finally gave Viola Davis the acting awards she so deserved and Harvey Weinstein was officially outed after years of sexual harassment “under the radar.” But not only that, women of colour were prominently featured on the covers of magazines, Edward Enninful was crowned as the new Editor in Chief of British Vogue, Rihanna showed existing makeup brands how it’s done with her all-inclusive makeup range and we even banded together in dislike of Kendall Jenner (and her family members) repeat media scandals. So, it wasn’t all bad, right? Wrong.

With our own personal problems to bear, many of us had enough Britney Breakdowns to last a lifetime. Hoping and praying that the next month would be even the slightest bit easier on us as we accepted another L. Soon our mantelpiece, now overflowing with the ‘Loss Award’ would crumble and fall to dust.

Now, more often than not a meme is created that speaks to my soul. A meme, often depicting how terrible my mental state is, comes to light and reminds me that I’m not alone and this month was no different. Though I’ve had a number of incredible achievements, it has simultaneously been the most struggly year of my adult life to date. That, of course, writes off my teen years entirely, as the cross between my terrible hairdos and incessant need to match my shoes with my hair ties was a struggle in itself… that we need not ever discuss.

The quote in question

If 2017 taught us ‘struggle bunnies’ anything at all, it’s that we’re stronger than a year repeatedly trying to tear us down. We shall overcome and we will not carry out our angst on unwitting car doors like that of Britney 2007. Come to think of it, perhaps the entirety of this year was simply a metaphor for Britney’s breakdown. We’re reluctantly living vicariously through Brit.

Will Kylie be arriving shortly with her end of year video, ready to tell us what next year will be the year of? Here’s hoping her predictions won’t be so spot on in 2018….

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