Why Candle Jenner Needs To Not

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Where do we even begin with Ms. Kendall Jenner, and forewarning, I write this in a fit of rage. Sure, people may wonder why I channel all my anger into a non-celebrity, an entity that needn’t exist in the public eye. But every time I hang up my Kendall-Jenner-dislike-championship-belt, she does something else so morally wrong, it requires that I hop back in the ring and banshee scream some mo’.

We’ve since passed the Pepsi debacle but it still lays heavy in my mind. Like ok, so you didn’t plan the advert yourself and the company may be more at fault. But as an impressionable young woman with high hopes for their “modelling” career, did you not stop to think what the backlash would be? Surely a woman of your age, and in your line of work would have known better at this stage? Or am I just being naive and giving Candle the benefit of the doubt? Probably. It bugs me that the advert even got past the first stage, much less to casting. I may be an awful person, but I hope that the fizzy drink incident haunts her career long into her 40s, like Naomi Campbell’s phone throwing incident. I suppose though, the difference is that Naomi will always be mom. Admittedly, I still drink Pepsi when Coke is unavailable, but I now drink it with disdain.

So, to the point. Kendall has been crowned with the cover (once-a-fucking-gain) on the 10 year anniversary issue of Indian Vogue and surprise surprise, she’s not brown. WHAT IN ALL FUCKS? You’d think that by now, editors would hear our pleas via the internet. Surely, we’re screaming loud enough. We want representation. We want inclusion. What we do not want, is a white woman with very little experience and quite frankly very little talent, on the cover of an Indian magazine. That’s not inclusion, not at all. I’m sure the editors probably brought her on board and thought, “so this’ll bring us in a lot of revenue, Kendall has X million followers on Instagram”, because of course I lied before, that is her only contribution to the modelling world. Her efforts, or rather her momagers efforts to be included in every magazine and on every magazine cover irks me to my very core. It literally says to us, “actually, you can’t have that either”. I might’ve let go the entire Vogue issue dedicated to her clart, but not this. Actually, I lied again. I didn’t let that go, not at all. I greatly remember penning a piece about my annoyance at her being given her own fucking magazine before an ACTUAL supermodel. But as I’d already written off American Vogue as a whole, it was just the final straw for me personally.

The point is, there are so many beautiful and current Indian models available that could have been in that spot. SO many. It’s irritating to think that someone so blah would even be considered much less make it to the final photoshoot. Even the few opportunities awarded to Indian women and WOC, go to the likes of Kendall Jenner. To the fashion industry and the magazine industry I tell you this, we’re tired. We. Are. Tired.

And no, The Sun newspaper all eyes were on Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross and Zendaya at the Met Gala, not Candle. She wore a boring gown and stood blandly like she always does, whereas the former wore gowns befitting of this years theme and frankly, killed it. Blame your sheer lack of knowledge for the barrage of terribly written fashion articles with little understanding of the Met Gala. Just stop.

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