Your. Vote. Counts.

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As millennials, we should be well aware that the future of the UK essentially rests at our hands at present. And because of this, we should surely be both more politically charged and more politically aware. Admittedly many of us are more focused on avoiding the news and its often devastating worldly updates, but it pays to be in the know.

What better way to do that than to attend an event where your political questions are answered and your views heard. Ahead of the snap election, which currently is a pivotal moment in our history, High Roller is hosting an event to get a discussion of the upcoming election going.

Face The Facts is an event held in East London in a matter of days, discussing things that really matter and aspects that will affect us. So listen up! Questions such as,”Will Labour really get rid of tuition fees?”, “Which party is beneficial for my small business?” and “How will the Tory policy of axing free school meals affect the kids of tomorrow?” will all be answered. So uh, it’s probably not something you want to miss.

With panelists from the elite Twitter circle including:
• Chanté Joseph
• Disunomics
• Funmi Olutoye
• Jenna Davis
• Judiniho

The event is being held at Mangle E8, 2-18 Warburton Road E8 3FN. Doors open at 6pm and open discussion will run from 7-9pm, so be prompt! Thereafter, there will be a social event headed up by RECESS. In other words, be prepared to party the election blues away.

Oh, and did we mention that the event is free? Simply register here, for your free ticket!